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  1. is a new place that I am.
  2. macOS Stage Manager hack to pin an app across stages: 1. Create a second desktop w/ Mission Control. 2. On the Dock icon, choose Options → Assign to: All Desktops. 3. Open Mission Control, delete the second desktop. The app shows across all stages! imyke johnvoorhees gruber
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  3. Had fun with futurerobby describing our favourite starship fly-bys in all of StarTrek this week on subspacedotfm. 🚀 subspacedotfm/1580732296382283776
  4. The new SparkMailApp is glorious. I'd been waiting for the opportunity to give them money for features I'd use. So thoughtfully designed and polished!
  5. With apologies to jonathansfrakes and Marina_Sirtis, a brief clip acknowledging the hotness of the bath scene in Star Trek: Insurrection. subspacedotfm/1576152779583762433
  6. So I think I understand, OFKband is to We Are OFK as Spinal Tap is to This Is Spinal Tap, except it tells an earnest, heartfelt story of love rather than a satirical comedy, right?
  7. You’re going to think this is a cynical viral marketing campaign, when in fact it may be the most heartfelt story I've experienced this year (and it's only two episodes in!). Very recommend. OFKband/1560270591453569024
  8. Sold. I agree – loving my search engine again is an odd but wonderful sensation! helvetica/1555182325239091200
  9. If you're interested in my thoughts on StarTrek episodes past and present, check out my new podcast with futurerobby!
  10. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! No more manually copying/redacting calendar events between my work and personal accounts! pat you built a cool thing. lox/1526342972450967553
  11. My notes from webdirections Hover 2022 CSS conference, day 2 of 2:
  12. Having tried the alternatives to 1Password, including iCould Passwords and Minimalist (which is coming along nicely, but is hampered by Apple's limited autofill APIs - their public roadmap covers what they need to do:, I'm going back to 1Password.
  13. My 200ok-style notes from Day 1 of the webdirections Hover 2022 CSS conference.
  14. Video and blog post: How to test for screen reader accessibility with VoiceOver on your Mac #a11y
  15. A nice complement to my blog post surveying Mac/iOS email clients ( is MacSparky and ismh’s “Back to Email” episode of macpowerusers (#539) from way back in 2020. It’s a good reminder to me to give sanebox a try!
  16. In what has frankly been a ridiculous use of several days off work, I’ve published a very (very!) deep dive into the current crop of Mac, iPhone and iPad email apps, and my personal pick.
  17. Giving panic’s Nova another try. I get that Gif diffs aren’t built in yet, but they haven’t even offered an integration with kaleidoscopeapp, FileMerge, or whatever Git difftool you have configured? 😕
  18. Tonight marks the first time since May 1999 (almost 22 years ago) that two new episodes of StarTrek have premiered in the same week (back then it was Wednesday & Thursday nights for DS9 S7 and VOY S5). I feel 21 again!!
  19. The biggest downside of dropping 1Password for iCloud Keychain or Minimalist so far has been needing to authenticate with Touch ID on each password autofill. There is no Apple Watch unlock support in Safari’s autofill, as there is in the 1Password extension.
  20. After a couple of days off 1Password, I like the friction-free login experience of iCloud Passwords a lot, but the fact that it doesn’t work outside of Safari on macOS is potentially a deal-breaker. (As a web dev, I use a variety of browsers, even though my primary is Safari.)
  21. Moved off of 1Password after 14 years. Was willing to reserve judgment on the Electron-based Mac app, but today’s crypto integration announcement was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Trying iCloud Passwords, and may fall back to Minimalist if I miss some of the features.
  22. On her second-last day as CultureAmp’s tech lead for the Kaizen design system, trycatchally joined me to look back on two years of progress in our React component library: Yes, that means we need a new tech lead for this awesome team. Please apply!
  23. Two questions about Event Proposals: 1) Once you add a second proposed time, the ability to view invitees’ availability seems to disappear. Any way to access it? I want to propose times that are likely to work for my invitees.
  24. .Docker Desktop: “We’ve heard your feedback that we interrupt your work too often. Here are three pop-up update dialogs in under 48 hours to tell you what we’re doing about it.”
  25. My upload speed is currently 1.4MB/s. Is it odd that I immediately visualise this as feeding a stack of 3½” floppy disks to my modem? 💾💾💾
  26. Just found out I can run OpenerApp on my Mac. Game changer. (I can now open Twitter links directly in tweetbot, for example.)
  27. Slack out of context: “Strangely impersonal is my middle name.”
  28. I don’t understand how people use SparkMailApp’s Smart Inbox. As soon as you open an email, it gets moved to the Seen card at the bottom, so I’m constantly losing emails that I’m working with. You can disable the Seen card, but that just hides the emails entirely! Seems busted!
  29. Prompted by the retirement of G Suite Legacy Free Edition, I’ve made the move to Fastmail. So far, it’s living up to the hype! 👍🏻 My only regret is that I can’t keep using mimestream, my favourite (but Gmail-only) macOS email client. 😢
  30. Curious what front end engineering at CultureAmp is like? Check out this 15-minute chat I recorded with jasonaoneil, who leads our front end ops team!
  31. I was able to get kaleidoscopeapp somewhat usefully integrated with Visual Studio Code using this DiffTool extension to invoke my Git difftool: If catlan and team are taking feature requests, I would love a tighter integration!
  32. A glimpse into the kind of work I’ve been doing lately at CultureAmp: Micro Front Ends, Strategy, and Blueberry Muffins
  33. Filed for future use in a slide deck about Developer Experience. (Ping lox.) Tallocat/1472638136127823884
  34. It’s kind of messed up that you must configure an account in before it will let you choose a different default e-mail app for macOS…
  35. Finally moved my last old site off the Dreamhost shared hosting I’ve had since April 2008. Thanks for the referral, dotjules! Next to do, shut down that EC2 instance I’ve been running since March 2013.
  36. Did my semi-regular search for an Evernote replacement that can search my handwriting in scanned notes. Apple Notes FTW, with one caveat: it can’t highlight matched text in images. Close enough! Evernote has gotten too slow as an Electron app; I want that native app speed back.
  37. The number for Canada is shocking given the amount of hydroelectricity in the country. I guess it’s all that winter heating? AaronBastani/1456211456467341313
  38. Super proud of CultureAmp’s Web Properties team. Our new public website,, just completed a full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance audit. Thank you to Intopia for helping us get it there! #accessibility #a11y
  39. Money farming glitch in #KenaBridgeofSpirits. Seems to max out at 10,000.