Kevin Yank

I finally got around to watching the Remastered version of #StarTrekTOS “The Doomsday Machine”. The team did a really great job with the visual effects, turning it into a very three-dimensional battle sequence. Really uplifts the episode compared to the original! #StarTrek

Very pleased with the little #CSS sticky positioning thing I’ve done with the speech bubble tails for the notes on my home page.

I wish I knew why my macOS Accessibility permissions seem to get corrupted every week or so. I’ll reboot my machine, and the ~10 different apps that depend on Accessibility access complain they need to be allowed when they already are. sudo tccutil reset Accessibility resets everything so I can re-approve them … until it happens again. This Reddit thread suggests it’s a macOS 13 Ventura bug.

Using #TailwindCSS in practice for the first time, I quickly find myself needing to comment groups of utility classes to help me remember why I’ve added them. I believe best practice is to extract these groups of styles into well-named components, which I’ll be doing here with Liquid partials.

Takeaway: Tailwind doesn’t take away the need to write your styles in a separate file or invent names for things; it merely lets you defer this until you’re past the designing-in-code phase.

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