Kevin Yank

Recent Notes

I finally got around to watching the Remastered version of #StarTrekTOS “The Doomsday Machine”. The team did a really great job with the visual effects, turning it into a very three-dimensional battle sequence. Really uplifts the episode compared to the original! #StarTrek

Very pleased with the little #CSS sticky positioning thing I’ve done with the speech bubble tails for the notes on my home page.

I wish I knew why my macOS Accessibility permissions seem to get corrupted every week or so. I’ll reboot my machine, and the ~10 different apps that depend on Accessibility access complain they need to be allowed when they already are. sudo tccutil reset Accessibility resets everything so I can re-approve them … until it happens again. This Reddit thread suggests it’s a macOS 13 Ventura bug.

Using #TailwindCSS in practice for the first time, I quickly find myself needing to comment groups of utility classes to help me remember why I’ve added them. I believe best practice is to extract these groups of styles into well-named components, which I’ll be doing here with Liquid partials.

Takeaway: Tailwind doesn’t take away the need to write your styles in a separate file or invent names for things; it merely lets you defer this until you’re past the designing-in-code phase.

Jetstar lived up to its reputation, but four hours late is better than never! ✈ MEL​→​OOL

Plenty of work still to do (especially on the home page), but my site redesign was already looking better than what was public, so I’ve merged my branch. is now showing my work-in-progress redesign. #indieweb

You’d think it would be easier to stand up a temporary HTTP proxy to capture requests for diagnostic purposes. I tried HTTP Toolkit and MockServer, and both wanted to munge the captured requests into more “readable” formats (like a JSON data structure) rather than letting me see the requests verbatim.

Began a modest redesign of my personal site today. Planning to use it as the source for my social media posts (and hopefully more blogging). Having so much fun making pixels change colour in code again after too long.

Using #TailwindCSS on it to get a good feel for it as we try it out at #CultureAmp.

#IndieWeb #POSSE

Thanks to Paul Robert Lloyd’s Indiekit, this post started life on my personal website, and was auto-syndicated to Mastodon. The future! #indieweb #POSSE