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  1. How to test for screen reader accessibility with VoiceOver on your Mac

    Every Mac has a screen reader built in, called VoiceOver. This article describes how you can use it to test the web application user interfaces you build!

  2. Email apps on Mac, iPhone and iPad compared

    I love a good deep-dive into competing software, so with the time I saved recently on shopping for email hosts I decided to take a fresh look at email clients for my Apple-ecosystem devices. Strap in for some obsessive comparison-shopping!

  3. Fix “format not supported by the iPad” error on transferring iTunes movie rentals

    In preparation for an upcoming long-haul flight today, I rented a couple of HD movies in iTunes on my Mac, and attempted to transfer them to my iPad (3rd generation). At first it seemed like an annoying error would prevent me from doing this, but I found a work-around and thought it was worth sharing.