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  1. Sunny Gets a Little Work Done

    SunnyAfter a week on antibiotics, our guinea pig Sunny is at the vet today having a conspicuous growth removed from his abdomen. The bump is mysterious, but we expect him to be fine. At home with Jess, Toffee seems lost without his big brother. The pair haven't been apart for more than an hour in their entire lives! Update: Sunny's home and doing fine. He'll have a cool scar to show the ladies.

  2. I've been sketched!

    This is so cool. Someone who attended the Fundamentos Web 2006 day two panel sketched us! See if you can guess which one I am before mousing over the image. You can also check out a photo of the actual event.

  3. Need some cuteness in your life?

    Guinea pigs packed and ready to go Sunny and Toffee will be homeless for four weeks in July and August, while Jess and I are away on holiday. Would you like to have them stay with you for some or all of that time? We will check them into a guinea pig hotel if necessary, but we'd much rather them stay with someone who could show them some love and affection, not just feed them.

  4. Heart Turds

    Candy HeartsI found a candy heart left over from Valentine's Day on the floor today. It used to say "HEART THROB", but the ravages of time have had their way. How quickly true love turns to "HEART TURDS". Photo by Tongue Tyed.

  5. The Cutest Shall Prevail

    In the battle for guinea pig supremacy... only one can win. Sunny vs Toffee Growing up in Montreal, our family had a series of guinea pigs. First there was Ginny, who came home from the pet store already pregnant (I've since learned this is a sign of a really irresponsible establishment). One traumatic evening while the parents were out, our babysitter rushed us to our bedrooms when we shouted in alarm, "There's something coming out of Ginny!" By the time mom and dad got home, there were three new baby piggies: Popcorn, Raspberry and Patches. We found good homes for Popcorn and Raspberry and kept Patches to keep Ginny company. Eventually Ginny left us, and Frisky joined the family. When we moved to Australia in 1993 we left them all behind, and I've been wanting guinea pigs again ever since. Meet Sunny and Toffee, the two newest additions to the family. They are both very cute, but they don't always get along so well.