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  1. Navigation, Geocaching and More with a TomTom GO 710

    Kevin holds up the Penny Bridge geocache and smilesIf you’ve been watching my Flickr photos lately, you’ll have noticed that Jess and I are getting into geocaching, the world-wide treasure hunt where participants follow GPS coordinates to the locations of hidden caches of goodies. The one essential tool for geocaching is a GPS receiver (GPSr), which gave me the perfect excuse to add this long-coveted piece of technology to my car. But finding a unit that would make a good on-road navigator (with good maps, nice screen, useful routing features, and an extensive Points of Interest (POI) database) as well as a good tool for geocaching (offering accurate coordinates and useful off-road navigation features) would prove to be a challenge.

  2. Spam Subject Line #85

    Actual spam subject line:

    The problem is homemade robots usually malfunction, before turning on their creators and going on homicidal rampages.

  3. I've been sketched!

    This is so cool. Someone who attended the Fundamentos Web 2006 day two panel sketched us! See if you can guess which one I am before mousing over the image. You can also check out a photo of the actual event.

  4. Presentation Disasters

    I'm madly preparing presentations for two separate conferences at the end of the month (Web Directions and Fundamentos Web). These presentation disasters relieved the stress nicely.

  5. Scale Model of Disputed Border Region Found

    This finding in Google Earth is reason enough to download and install the software if you haven't already. China has built a nearly 1km2 scale model of a 150,000km2 disputed region along its border with India.