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  1. Coffee and Cave

    On the Impro Cave postcard, a speech bubble has been drawn next to Mark Gambino advising users of the coffee machine to switch off the steamer when they’re done.The postcard for The Impro Cave that I put above the coffee machine at work has been co-opted in an effort to promote best practices when making coffee. Ironically, I think Mark is the only person in the photo who would approve of this.

  2. A Quiet Night with Harold at the Abbotsford Convent

    Abbotsford CourtyardAfter the hectic week-and-a-half that has been Unforeseen Stories, I'm enjoying a quiet evening to myself on the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent, where Impro Melbourne keeps its offices and holds most of its training sessions. Tonight, Jess is training along with the rest of the company's "Technique" group of up-and-comers in preparation for putting on a season of Harold beginning in July. Meanwhile, I've visited a couple of nearby geocaches following reports of a geocoin in the area and have now settled down in a quiet courtyard to partake of the peace and serenity (not to mention the Impro Melbourne wireless network).

  3. Impro A Go-Go

    Smells Like A Song 2007 photoThe 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival is winding down, and for me at least it has been a festival to remember. Having recently joined the ranks of Impro Melbourne's talented ensemble, this was the first Festival where I took to the stage! Joining on opening night the cast of Impro Melbourne's production of Smells Like a Song was a privilege … not to mention a blast!

  4. Theatresports™ Review in The Age

    Melbourne daily newspaper The Age has reviewed Impro Melbourne's Theatresports™, in which Jess and I are currently starring!

  5. Theatresports™ 2006: Last Chance

    There are three Sundays left in Impro Melbourne's Theatresports™ season, and at this point its looking like I'll appear in all three shows, but if you were hoping to see me and Jess play this year your time is running out! Tickets for the Grand Final on November 26th are sold out, and November 12th and 19th each have only a handful of seats remaining. We'd love to see some familiar faces in the audience over the next couple of weeks. Book now while you can!