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  1. My New Gig: CTO at Avalanche Technology Group

    After ten years (!) at the SitePoint Group, I started a new job in January. For the first time in a decade, I feel like I have everything to learn and more than a little to prove, which is both incredibly exciting and a wee bit scary.

  2. Sketching Dreams

    I feel like I may have some things to write about again soon. Before you ask, I’m not being cagey, here. Mostly this is just a vague feeling, perhaps brought on by my recent visit home to Canada—a reminder that there are people I care about with whom I don’t communicate much (no, Facebook doesn’t count). I dreamed up a fresh (but simple!) site design last night, so I broke out the Wacom to see if it worked in two dimensions. If I can keep it balanced, I think it might. redesignsketch_small.png Note to self: ask Lox if he minds me recycling his old comic book header idea.

  3. Photos: Rubicon Valley Horse Riding

    Rubicon Valley Horse Ride 8
    For the main event for our three-day getaway in and around Marysville, Jess and I went horse riding in Rubicon Valley on a perfect morning. We lucked out and got a guide all to ourselves, so we got to learn a lot more about riding than we had done on our previous ride. Jess’s horse Bounty must have been having an off day, because she made several attempts to bite my horse, Apache (Yes geeks, Apache. Believe me, I was geeking out about it all the way!). Otherwise, the ride went smoothly, with lots of high-speed cantering that had Jess calling me “the geekiest cowboy around”. View ‘Rubicon Valley Horse Riding’ set on Flickr

  4. Going DRM-Free Digital

    Having one too many dusty CDs taking up shelf space, I’ve decided not to buy music in physical form any more. I don’t care how many exclusive, special edition DVDs and fancy-pants packaging they dangle out there—it’s time to move past the physical disc.

  5. Coffee and Cave

    On the Impro Cave postcard, a speech bubble has been drawn next to Mark Gambino advising users of the coffee machine to switch off the steamer when they’re done.The postcard for The Impro Cave that I put above the coffee machine at work has been co-opted in an effort to promote best practices when making coffee. Ironically, I think Mark is the only person in the photo who would approve of this.