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  1. Cat Out of the Bag

    After hearing about a potentially competing product in the works, let the cat out of the bag on PPQuery on the Geocaching Australia forum today. Planning on a beta release this weekend.

  2. Jess is a Full-time Teacher

    After six months of casual relief teaching work, Jess was hired today to teach Drama and English at Koonung Secondary College!

  3. Lame Mac User

    I bought my first Mac yesterday—a spiffy, black MacBook. I've spent the first 24 hours with my new computer setting up various means of running Windows on it (Remote Desktop, Boot Camp, and Parallels). In the Mac world, I'm pretty sure that makes me very lame.

  4. SitePoint's Christmas Party Makes The Age

    It's official—SitePoint has gone too far. When your office Christmas party makes newspaper headlines, it's time to think about toning it down.

  5. Spam Subject Line #85

    Actual spam subject line:

    The problem is homemade robots usually malfunction, before turning on their creators and going on homicidal rampages.