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  1. Fundamental Audio

    The audio and slides from my talk at Fundamentos Web 2006, as well as the panel discussion in which I participated, are now available on the conference web site.

  2. Theatresports™ Review in The Age

    Melbourne daily newspaper The Age has reviewed Impro Melbourne's Theatresports™, in which Jess and I are currently starring!

  3. More on Working at Home

    Further to my post on this subject, here's an excellent forum discussion about the challenges of working from home. Sadly, there is no way to subscribe to it.

  4. Homesick

    I'm in Singapore enjoying the free Internet on my way back to Melbourne. I almost didn't make my flight in London, which was overbooked, but I see I've been luckier than some. Sorry to hear you got stuck again, Molly!

  5. I've been sketched!

    This is so cool. Someone who attended the Fundamentos Web 2006 day two panel sketched us! See if you can guess which one I am before mousing over the image. You can also check out a photo of the actual event.