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  1. Irresponsible Technology Blogging

    Though it has been a long time since I received anything truly worthwhile from them, I have somehow managed to remain subscribed to the Web Development Zone newsletter of Its content has remained consistently unremarkable for at least the past year, which, I suppose, is why it has failed to attract enough attention for me to consider unsubscribing … until now.

  2. Simply JavaScript

    Simply JavaScript.jpg
    It’s aliiiiiiiiiive! The first copies of Simply JavaScript—SitePoint’s latest book, co-written by me and Cameron Adams—have arrived! And if you’ll forgive my obvious bias, it looks awesome.

  3. Fundamental Audio

    The audio and slides from my talk at Fundamentos Web 2006, as well as the panel discussion in which I participated, are now available on the conference web site.

  4. Fundamental Spain

    Kevin presents at Fundamentos Web 2006Sitting in my hotel room in Oviedo soaking up my last few hours of expensive hotel wireless, I can't help but feel like I haven't taken full advantage of my time here in Spain. Before I return for another visit, I definitely need to learn a smattering of Spanish—enough to order food at restaurants other than McDonalds, and to book a trip on the train that meanders through the surrounding mountains, at least! I did get to take lots of photos of Oviedo proper, however.

  5. Many Directions

    Web Directions South has just wrapped in Sydney, but while I wait for the shower in our hotel room to be free I figured I should record a few rapidly fading memories. Having attended last year's Web Essentials 05 as a vicarious observer, getting to contribute to the conversation this year as a speaker alongside the inimitable Cameron Adams was a huge treat. Despite a flaky Internet connection, our talk, JavaScript APIs & Mashups: Work You Don't Have To Do, brought the house down thanks to a few generous helpings of serendipity and the nimble photography of one Lucas Chan that led to a photo taken early in our talk making a cameo appearance onscreen moments later. Thankfully, I managed to distance myself from the topless rivalry between Cameron and Jeremy Keith this year, but I may have to revise some of the privacy settings on my Flickr account if I'm invited back next year (not that lack of evidence was a deterrent for the resourceful Cam). My deep and sincere apologies to the family and friends of the moth that I killed during the presentation. If it's any consolation, I suspect I will be living down the phrase "Ooh, a moth!" for several years to come. Thanks, Priscilla, for being such a good sport when I dragged you up on stage to test your humanity with HotCaptcha. Take pride in having failed! Amazing people aplenty at the conference, and it was a privilege to get to exchange thoughts and banter with so many of them: Molly, Andy, Derek, Jeremy, James, Gian, Laurel, Thomas, and the many readers of SitePoint (new and old) at the closing night party (yes, even those that were just after free drink cards)... I am truly overwhelmed. It's 3.15am. I catch a flight to Spain with Molly and Andy in exactly twelve hours, and I still have a newsletter to write. Perhaps I'll skip the shower and get straight to bed. Technorati tag: